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Shameless Self-Promotion Time

September 8, 2009

<Temporarily suspend silliness>

<Begin shameless self-promotion>

I happened to be lucky enough recently to help judge a fairly new crossword puzzle tournament called Lollapuzzoola, hosted by the blogging duo, Ryan Hecht and Brian Cimmet, better known to the crossword world as “Ryan and Brian Do Crosswords” (slogan: “Come on brains, be more smarter!”, which I STILL want to see on a t-shirt, R&B.  Are you listening???)  If you happen to love crossword puzzle solving and are in the New York area next August, I highly recommend stopping by.  It’s a really fun day, and there were free Oreos.

One of the other very nice things that came out of that day was that I was interviewed by Jim Horne for Wordplay, the crossword blog of The New York Times.  It was one of the rare, painless interviews I’ve been through, and Jim was kind enough to allow me to flog my upcoming book, “It’s Not PMS, It’s You”, not to mention this website.  I forgot to say “Please buy my book” in the interview, so I’ll say it here.  Please buy my book.  Thank you.

<End shameless self-promotion>

<Continue silliness in next post>

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