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We Probably Wouldn't Have Predicted This Either

May 20, 2010

An eland at the Oakland Zoo in California was given a pregnancy test made for giraffes and, to the surprise of zoo officials, was discovered to be absolutely not pregnant with any giraffes whatsoever.  She was, surprisingly enough, pregnant with a baby eland and, to the continued surprise of all zoo officials, gave birth

NOT an eland

to it after being pregnant in a very eland- and surprisingly NOT giraffe-type of way.

“It’s been fascinating”, one zoo official was quoted as saying.  “I’ve seen a lot of giraffes born here, but this is the first time we’ve seen a totally different species NOT give birth to a giraffe.”

All surprised zoo officials involved in the non-giraffe turn-of-events have been gently removed from their positions and given jobs at the Oakland DMV.

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